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Raising a family is no easy task, but family planning helps you start out on the right foot. In Pembroke Pines, Florida, My OBGYN offers a full array of birth control options so women can select the method that’s best for their needs and preferences. Our providers also offer pre-pregnancy counseling to ensure patients are as healthy as possible prior to conception and ready for all that motherhood entails.

Family Planning Q & A

What kinds of birth control does My OB/GYN offer?

Dr. Salsbury believes women should have as many choices as possible when it comes to family planning. At My OB/GYN, she offers a complete range of birth control options, including:

  • Birth control pills
  • IUDs
  • Diaphragms
  • Arm implants (Nexplanon)
  • Female condom
  • Tubal ligation and sterilization for permanent birth control

During your office visit, Dr. Salsbury reviews your medical history and discusses your lifestyle and future plans to help you choose the method that’s best for you.

How is an IUD inserted?

The insertion of an IUD is a fairly straightforward procedure taking only a few minutes in the physician’s office.  First, the clinician will discuss different IUD options that are suitable for you.  Pre-testing along with a preliminary examination to evaluate the uterine position, size and mobility will help determine whether the IUD is a good option for you.  The IUD is inserted at a later date.  You may take some pain medication one hour prior to the procedure and once in the office, you will be put on the examination table on your back as when you are getting a pap smear.  The clinician will measure your uterus with sound, and then place the IUD with a special applicator into the uterine fundus.  To complete the process, we order an ultrasound to determine that the placement is good.  IUD’s are generally replaced every 3 to 10 years depending on the type of IUD. 

What is the arm implant?

The arm implant is thin and flexible, and it’s designed to release a slow, steady stream of hormones to help prevent pregnancy. The implant is inserted into the fleshy part of the upper arm through a tiny cut or nick in your skin. Insertion is performed right in the office after numbing your arm skin, and it takes just a few minutes. Once implanted, you can’t see it, but you can feel it if you press firmly on your skin. The implant should be replaced about every 3 years.

How is a diaphragm fitted?

Diaphragms are designed to fit snugly over the cervix (the opening of the uterus) to prevent sperm from entering and reaching the egg. A diaphragm fitting begins like a regular pelvic exam. While you lie on your back, Dr. Salsbury will gently examine the vaginal canal to determine the appropriate size of diaphragm and then teach you how to insert it yourself.  Before you leave, she will be sure you are comfortable with the fit and application of the diaphragm.